Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A few Questions Answered

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the lovely sunshine! Personally I don't like the heat and even bought myself a Paddling Pool yesterday, well it was for the kids but I seem to be using it just as much as them :)

I have had a few questions this week regarding the crafts directory so thought I should repeat them here as well, so here goes:

Question 1: Would I pay via Paypal?

The JustGiving website gives you the option of paying either via Paypal or directly from your Credit/Debit card. It is totally secure and any money paid goes
directly to the charity of your choice.

Question 2: Do you accept craft materials and suppliers on your directory?

Yes as long as the site is arts & crafts related it will be accepted within the directory. This last week I even included a listing for another crafts directory.

Question 3: Can I list more than one shop/website/blog in the directory?

Yes, you can have multiple listings in the directory however title and description fields should be made unique for each listing. Each listing must also be accompanied by a separate donation to charity.

We have had a few more people join the directory this week and it is lovely to see that it is attracting some wonderful crafters. So to welcome the newest additions since I last blogged, I would like to say a HUGE thanks you to:

The first thank you goes to Just Soaps and Body Care and their second listing in the directory, this time for their hands-on soap making courses.

The second thank you goes to BaggieAggie for their two listings in the directory. For their Gorgeous Handcrafted Bags & Purses, and also for BaggieAggietoo and their Fabulous Handcrafted Accessories.

The third thank you goes to Silent Theatre and her Folksy shop selling Original Artwork prints, keepsakes and good I even bought one!

Many thanks again for all your continued hard work in promoting the directory!


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  1. Well done Mick, nice to see the directory growing well.

    Not a huge fan of the sun either, out with dogs early and staying in rest of time.