Thursday, 8 July 2010

Quiet Zippy

Well it had to happen sometime, but with the continued success over the last few weeks with new listings, the crafts directory has been a little quiet this week. I have been feeling conscious that I may be boring people a little with all my tweeting and facebook comments trying to promote the directory that I have also been quiet this week. That and being very busy with my jewellery making and other events like my little boy having Chicken Pox!

Anyway, I realise this would happen from time to time so I would welcome any comments on how to promote the crafts directory even further than it has been. Having said all that, we have still had some very much appreciated new listings in the directory this week and even an addition of another charity to the list. As requested by a fellow crafter I have now included The Brain and Spine Foundation to the directory.

So to welcome the latest crafters who have listed since my last blog, a Huge Thank you goes to:

The first thank you goes to Raicreation Designs and her second listing with her Etsy shop selling beautiful handcrafted jewellery that can be purchased in US Dollars.

The second thank you goes to Lou Lou's luxuries and her folksy shop selling quirky, cute and beautiful hand made jewellery Using vintage pieces wherever possible.

...and the last thank you go to me! Although when I initially launched the directory I included my website, I neglected to add my blog and have forgotten about it all this time. So this week I added my blog and made my second donation to a charity..and wow doesn't it feel good doing something for somebody else like that!

Many thanks to everyone for your continued support with the crafts directory and I hope it not only brings you business but continues to raise lots of money for charity.



  1. I think you need a big thank you for setting up the directory in the first place!

  2. Absolutely! Brilliant job, Mick! xx

  3. Well done Mick, keep up the good work