Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Too Expensive to Promote my Craft

I was a little annoyed recently (and I rarely get annoyed), when a facebook 'friend' suggested that many people were not joining my crafts directory because they couldn't afford it in these 'hard' times...

Excuse me? But the minimum donation is £2 - just £2 and for that you get a listing for life, plenty of promotion and all the money is going to charity. There is no catch at all. And did they realise that whilst trying to promote their craft using 'free' tools such as Facebook, Twitter, forums etc it is still costing money (electricity, PC wear and tear and not to mention loss of production).

Piggy Bank
I just don't get comments like that and they are very negative. I am trying my hardest to do something good with this for everybody. This week a fellow crafter informed me that they had received hits to their website from the crafts directory. And this can also be confirmed by the click counts against all the directory entries.

The directory is obviously ranked highly by Google for crafts/charity combination searches, and the directory get hits every day from people searching for this. It is even ranked on page two of Google for 'crafts directory' search, and that is after just 3 months of being online!

Rant over lol...on a lighter note I need to catch up on the latest entries to the directory, so a huge thank you to:

The first thank you goes to Charters Jewellery and her wonderful blog about her one of a kind jewellery creations. Charters jewellery is totally unique and she is always experimented with her techniques and mediums.

The second thank you goes to Happy Sheep Designs and the photographic work of Judith M. Passant. As well as providing photographic prints and cards, she also provides a photographic service for artists and craftspeople.

The third thank you goes to Busy Ted cards that are also created by Judith M. Passant. As well as unique cards featuring Busy Ted you can also purchase other merchandise such as notebooks, rulers mousemats and keyrings.

The fourth thank you goes to Wood Tattoos and their Pyrography designs. A wide range of designs and gifts are available incorporating the art of Pyrography and Simon Easton has also published a book "Woodburning with Style" (Fox Chapel Publishing).

Thank you all, and thank you for reading my rant!



  1. Must say I do agree with your rant - enough said there.
    What fabulous new entries, looks like lots of christmas shopping can be done right here:) Not sure if you raised this point but the Crafts Directory also has some very fine talent on it.


  2. Can't afford it? I've never heard of anything so silly as not being able to afford £2 for international listing on an up and coming directory... it's ludicrous!!

    I have our Cards And Candles For All Occasions listing under the 'cards' section and I have a listing in the 'candles' section on my to-do list... the reason I haven't done it yet? I haven't had a chance, I've had other things to do and by the time I sit down at night my brain is fried.

    I will be doing it though as think that the directory is a very valuable resource both for crafters who are listing their work and also to the wonderful charities who are benefiting.

    Keep up the good work Mick, you've got our support!!!

    Love Laura & Gordon xxx

  3. Keep up the good work Mick, and don't let one throw away remark raise your blood pressure:-)

  4. Thank you all...that has lowered my blood pressure!

    Just to let you know that the Facebook friend wan't somebody I knew but just one of those random people from the other side of the world...I deleted their comment :)

  5. I do commend you for your efforts. I don't normally sell my crafts so do not have a website but am always happy to contribute a piece of work for raising funds for charity, you only have to ask.

  6. Just to add my support too, Mick!

    This person obviously doesn't have a clue what they are talking about. The Crafts for Charity Directory is fabulous and I am honoured to be part of it with my listing for Ali's Craft Studio under the General Crafts section.

    Keep up the great work.

    Ali x

  7. WHAT?!!!!!! (Note the excessive use of exclamation marks to denote extreme crossness).
    How very dare they?!! Some people just have no idea about anything quite frankly, and you were well within your rights to rant.
    What you are doing is amazing, and if people are so tight, they won't even give £2 to somebody who really needs it, then perhaps they should reassess their priorities!.

    Ooh get me - I'm having a rant now!!!

    Don't worry about it Mick, 99.999999999% of the world totally support what you are doing. :)

  8. Got to agree with you Mick, £2 is a drop in the ocean when you consider the good causes its going to.

    I have feedjit tracker on my blog and I'm definitely getting people visiting via Crafts4Charity ink. So double bonus - help the cause and increase the visitors.

    Fully support you - keep up the good work!