Friday, 29 October 2010

Crafting for Charity – Helping a Good Cause

Hi all, I hope you are all well and busy crafting in readiness for the Christmas rush! You may remember during my recent blog giveaway that one comment that was raised was to have a news section for the charities that the crafts directory supports.

Well, I have made a start on that this week, but have initially created a page that provides news on craft events and schemes where we can use our crafting talents to help a good cause. This will provide details of craft fairs and other craft related initiatives such as sewing, knitting or card making for charity or a good cause. The page can be found here: Crafting for Charity, please take a look and let me know what you think.

If anybody finds anything that I can add to this page, please email me and I will be more than happy to add it to the news. It doesn’t have to be charity related, as long as it is a good cause and related to the making of handmade crafts.

No new listings in the crafts directory this week (it has gone a little quiet in that area). But we have had a new featured crafter added to the increasing list of arts and crafts makers who help charity. Many thanks to The House of Zed who make Martingale collars and accessories and regularly donate these to raise funds for dog rescues and charities.

Many thanks to everyone for your continued support, and don’t forget to consult the crafts directory when you are looking for those handmade Christmas presents.



  1. I like the addition of the charitable craft events page ... an excellent resource.

    Dog Rescues (and I guess other species Rescues too!) frequently request donated items for their fundraising auctions, so this will be an ideal place to post such requests.

    Well done Mick!

    Onwards and upwards ...

  2. Great to see it all going so well. Better still the dog lovers amoungst us to see House of Zed and K9 Knitters on the page.