Sunday, 7 November 2010

Art and Craft Fair in aid of the British Red Cross

I hope everyone is well and preparations are going to plan for Christmas. I have added news of a Art and Craft fair to the crafts directory this week. It is being held on Saturday 11th December in Knutsford and is being held in aid of the British Red Cross. Further details can be found on the Crafting for Charity website page, so if you get chance please enquire about having a table or pop along for some Christmas shopping!
British Red Cross Craft Fair
We have had one new listing in the crafts directory this week, so welcome and many thanks for joining (the first Polymer Clay artist to join the directory) to Ama Aqua cake toppers who as the title suggests make beautiful bespoke handcrafted polymer clay cake toppers and ornaments.

If anybody hears of any craft events or groups raising money for charity please let me know. I have been experiencing quite a lot of trouble this week trying to get information from such groups. It appears that nobody wants free advertising for their fund raising!



  1. "It appears that nobody wants free advertising for their fund raising!"

    I know what you mean Mick ... a few weeks ago I contacted a group who raise cash for sighthound welfare and suggested that they submit details of their fundraising events here (they fund raise via online auctions mainly ... and they're always asking for items to be donated: so hand-crafted stuff would be ideal). They're a registered charity, btw.

    I received the reply that they'd visited the site and concluded that ... "it's only for large well-established charities, such as the Dogs Trust". I explained that the 'large well established charities' are the ones that we (crafters) donate to when we join the site ...

    But nonetheless, there has been no further interest shown. Strange.


  2. I just don't get it Paula? I have written to dozens of craft groups who craft for charity, offered free advertising but nobody wants it????