Sunday, 16 January 2011

Crafts for Charity has now raised over £500

What a great start to 2011 for Crafts for Charity as we have now raised over £500 for charity and almost £600 including gift aid! Many thanks for all your support including those who have joined, those who have put links on your websites and blogs and have helped spread the word. I could never have done it without you and the continued success of crafts for charity is down to everyone.

My target is to raise another £500 for charity in 2011 and as well as the much appreciated donations from crafters who join the directory, I am open to any ideas that you have to also raise money by other means. Please comment here if you have any suggestions or email me via the crafts for charity website.

Five Hundred 500 !
More talented crafters have joined crafts for charity this week and a big thank you to them for helping the crafts directory achieve the £500 mark.

The first thank you goes to Sherieanne Handcrafted Jewellery where you will find beautiful handcrafted jewellery including one off designs of bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Bookmarks and handbag charms.

The second thank you goes to Endless Impressions who create fingerprint jewellery allowing you to capture a timeless, lasting memory of your loved ones in a piece of solid silver jewellery.

The third thank you goes to Magic Lady Crafts who provide a one stop online store where you will find many different craft supplies, from craft storage to jewellery tools, card crafts and more!
Many thanks everyone!



  1. A big congrats to you for getting the £500 for charity, and lets hope you can do the same again or even more this year. x

  2. Wow, what a super amount - well done.

    Also great job in search engines, was checking out something else in google and found a link for me via Crafts4Charity on page 2!

    Onwards and Upwards then.

  3. WOW, that is really good news about the search engines...great to see that it is working and it is still early days!

    Looking forward to raising more money in 2011 and also hopefully helping fellow crafters too!