Saturday, 30 April 2011

Make for Macmillan - Make a difference

I am proud to introduce you to Make for Macmillan, an online auction site of handmade items to sell to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Having been diagnosed with cancer on Nov 10, Clare decided that she wanted something good to come out of her diagnoses. So here is her new baby Make for Macmillan.

Please support this great cause by creating and donating something you have made, if you are not crafty you can simply donate money or you can donate crafty materials (or socks) which we can turn into something to sell to make money for Macmillan!

Make a difference, Make someone smile, Make today matter, Make Macmillan Cancer Support your charity of choice, Make something with your hands and support today! Make for Macmillan supporting Macmillan Cancer Support!

To get involved please visit the Make for Macmillan Facebook page here: Make for Macmillan and share it with your friends too!

Make for Macmillan

I have had eight new craft listings in the crafts directory since I last blogged, how good is that!

So to welcome the very talented crafters who have recently joined CraftsforCharity please say Hi to...

The first thank you goes to Blue Shed Crafts who produce hand knitted, sewn and crocheted gifts for you, your home and your pets. They also make other wonderful items including decoupage and decorated boxes.

The second thank you goes to Knitting Snippets a craft blog by a UK crafter that is mostly knitting orientated but sprinkled with other crafts, her garden and life ... you have got to see the Custom Order Budgies blog post!

The third thank you goes to Craftytwit craft blog a Craft blog from Beckslayer. With regular information about craft projects, new products and some great giveaways, there are also weekly step by step projects to follow too!

The fourth thank you goes to Anaheera Beautiful Jewellery made with Passion (and gemstones, freshwater pearls, and Swarovski crystals)! LesleyAnne is also happy to make custom made orders and her website is Fabulous!

The fifth thank you goes to Sensible Animation who creates stop motion animated music videos and advertisements as well as novelty gifts like 3D caricatures of musicians and TV/film characters etc. A unique gift for anyone!

The sixth thank you goes to CraftyBoots a fantastic craft blog by Stephanie-Emma mainly covering card making and paper-crafts. If you like any of her beautiful cards she can custom make to order too.

The seventh thank you goes to CraftyThinker a craft blog by Amy who is an independent Stampin' Up! demonstrator, operating in the Surrey/ Hampshire area. Her blog includes a new project everyday!

The eighth thank you goes to the fantastic Sherieann Jewellery who has been a great support in promoting CraftsforCharity. Her blog includes lots of tutorials and includes a giveaway for each one she makes!

Wow! So many great people have listed in the crafts directory recently and I have enjoyed visiting all of their lovely websites and blogs.

Thank you all!


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  1. Great Cause there, will take a look at FB page later.
    So many new entries to read through too, I do like the sound of 'Craft Twit Blog' that made me smile.

    Welcome to all.
    Lynda x